The ‘my new car’ video is something that we see all too often among relatively successful Youtubers. As the ultimate status symbol most ‘vloggers’ and gamers alike dedicate a separate video to presenting their new whip to the audience.

Youtube-star PewDiePie did the same but subscribers that have been subscribed to his channel for a while know that he’s all about the jokes and isn’t much of a show-off when it comes to his acquired wealth. Therefore the Swedish Youtuber – somewhat predictable – came up with quite an unconventional video in which he shows the audience his new ride.

The Swedish Youtube star has the most popular Youtube channel with almost 44 million subscribers, and mainly focuses on gaming and vlogging. He was named among the 100 most influential people on the planet last year and he allegedly makes well over $10 million a year creating Youtube videos.

In this particular video he shows off his new car, a Nissan Micra, and attempts to imitate the general concept of a ‘my new car’ video on Youtube in the most hilarious and sarcastic way.

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