In case you missed it, at today’s first official meeting of Ferrari’s new board of directors, Sergio Marchionne was appointed CEO of the Italian supercar brand. Marchionne is the very person that in the first place orchestrated Ferrari’s spinoff from Fiat-Chrysler earlier this year, and now returns to be fully in charge of Ferrari.

As breaking as the news was of Marchionne fulfilling the highest position at Ferrari, he casually spoke out on the fact that Ferrari are indeed working on a topless version of their range-topping hypercar. Unexpected though on the record, the new Ferrari boss confirmed that a LaFerrari Spider is in the works as they have already been contacting prospective buyers about the open-top LaFerrari.

His exact words – according to Automobile Magazine – were: “The only future product connected to LaFerrari is the Spider. Which is no secret since potential customers have already been approached.” This answer followed a question about whether a less extreme version of the Ferrari LaFerrari is on the cards.

Ferrari LaFerrari (25)

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