A series of strange spy shots of a Mercedes-Benz test mule have been released online.

The spy photos depict what can only be described as a shortened S-Class Coupe. While the idea of a more compact S-Class may be of interest to some consumers, it will likely never happen. A shortened S-Class Coupe would cannibalize market share from both the E and C-Class coupes. Based on that fact, we can only assume that the car depicted in this series of spy photos is nothing but a test mule for another model.

While we can usually guess what a manufacturer is testing based on the bodywork of the test mule, in this case guessing what model is being developed is a bit tougher. It could be the rumored 4 dour version of the AMG GT, although this isn’t likely. More likely this is the first test mule for the next-generation SL that is due to be released in 2020.

Whatever the car may be, we will be sure to bring you updated information as soon as we have access to it!

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  1. I’m am almost sure the images you have are from the S class coupe. The E class couple has a 3 section side glass: front door and 2 part rear
    Also, the shape of the front lights, coupe curve, gas door, front grill and side of the images are all form the S-Class couple.
    I could be wrong unless if these images were from the concept not production.


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