Labor reform protests got out of hand today in France with excessive violence causing several injuries, including wounding at least one policeman. It is obvious that the working class in France does not take kindly to the recently proposed labor reform, and protests are getting bigger and more violent as ‘May Day’ or Labor Day in May is vastly approaching.

Protests happened all across the country with the largest marches being organized in Rennes, Nantes, Lyon and capital city Paris. In Paris, at least 60,000 protestors were out in the city with some of them getting violent and causing mayhem in the process. One of the victims caught on camera is this Porsche 911 Carrera that was lit on fire by a group of protestors.

The 911 burst out in flames rapidly with many bystanders taking pictures of the ordeal. Let’s hope that in this day and age somebody caught the criminals on camera and that justice will soon follow.

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[Photos via G-E Supercars]

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  1. I read the headline and thought “How awful.” Then I noticed it was a 996 and a wave of releif washed over me. Terrible car, best off in the crusher.

    • You need to be set on fire as well, along with the morons who set the 996 on fire. Its still a Porsche and its still somebody pride and joy.

    • exactly…. dont fk with someones stuff.. if its not yours… someone might have worked their ass off for that car… you never know..


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