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Top 10 Concept Cars at Beijing Auto Show 2016

The Beijing Auto Show 2016 is booming with concept cars at a time when the electric car scene is a prime focus for most car makers. The trend at Auto China 2016 goes beyond the electric scene bringing together an important array of models ranging from hybrid SUVs to world debuts such as the Porsche 718 Cayman and the Audi TT RS.

Even more, local car manufacturers have come out in large numbers than ever before with BAIC leading the homemade showcase. We have compiled a list of 10 concept cars that have caused a buzz at the Beijing Auto Show 2016 including the new LeSee from LeEco as well as BAIC’s new electric supercar.


10. Qiantu K50 Roadster

Qiant is showing a Roadster version of the K50 Coupe electric sportscar that was unveiled back in 2014. The production version of the Coupe is also showing at the Beijing Auto Show, after the company approved it for manufacturing, they moved to a new facility with a capacity of 50,000 cars to allow them implement their plans. The K50 is powered by two electric motors positioned at the front and rear axles with a combined output of 408 hp and 680 nm torque.



  1. All of these futuristic cars look like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. I can’t believe that these will be a reality someday. I have to say that the Farady Future FFZERO1 would have to be my favorite out of this bunch. Thanks for sharing!


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