Deliveries of the limited production Porsche 911 R have commenced and a few of them have been spotted on public roads already. In this video no less than four of the rare Porsches have been spotted entering the famous F1 tunnel in Monaco.

When the Porsche 911 R made its global debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, it quickly became clear that all of the 991 cars were already spoken for. The fact that it’s a limited edition car, boasts a 6-speed manual and is basically a GT3 RS with the spoiler chopped off, potentially makes it a valuable car of which people would expect not seeing it too often on public roads.

The 911 R was supposedly first offered to all 918 customers and considering its ‘acceptable’ price tag of $184,000, it just seems like a too good of a deal for Porsche collectors to pass on. The 911 R does zero to hundred in just 3.8 seconds and apart from the spoiler and a few details, shares great similarities with the 991 GT3 RS.

The four 911 R’s seen in the video featured license plates from the same region; ‘LB’. There is a good chance that these cars in particular are company cars owned by Porsche, unless an individual managed to get hands on four of these special 911’s.

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