A company in the UK has officially launched a road conversion kit for the Aston Martin Vulcan.

The conversion kit is being offered by RML, an engineering firm who took on the challenge of converting the Vulcan for road use after interest was expressed by owners. According to RML, the conversion will take approximately three months and will include all the changes needed to make the car fully legal for road use.

Modifications include alterations to both the ride height and gear ratios as well as changes to the safety system to make the car safer in the event of a crash on-road. RML will also offer the opportunity for owners to make any bespoke changes they wish.

RML is confident they can convert the car for road use in most countries, although homologating the car for road use in the United States may prove difficult.

Pricing information for the conversion has not been revealed but expect the conversion will fall under provision of “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”

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  1. See this is way producing a trackday only car is kinda dumb. Point in case the P1 GTR. It was converted into a road car by an owner and McLaren ended up producing the P1 LM. Why not rather make these cars road legal and rather include a temporary modification kit for trackday use


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