A new report has surfaced confirming that Jaguar will in fact produce a SVO version of the new F-Pace.

The F-Pace SVO will be powered by Jaguar’s supercharged V8 engine and will likely produce well over 500 horsepower. According to reporting by Car & Driver, development versions of the F-Pace SVO are already undergoing testing.

Currently, the range-topping version of the F-Pace features 380 horsepower. So, an SVO version with 500 horsepower will be a significant step up in terms of both performance and power output.

When released the F-Pace SVO will be competing against the likes of the BMW X5 M, Porsche Cayenne/Macan and the line of AMG SUVs on offer from Mercedes.

We expect the F-Pace SVO to be released sometime in 2017. We will keep you updated as we hear more. In the meantime, check out the gallery above!

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