6,110 of the latest generation BMW 7-Series are being recalled in the United States because of a manufacturing deficiency that could potentially cause the 7-Series’ air bag module to fail. It is Continental that rang the alarm bells and brought BMW up to speed about the manufacturing error.

Details show that unintended residue of metallic particles that are left over from the stamping process could trigger a short circuit followed by a full reset of the air bag module. Effectively this means that the light of the air bag would go on when activated when in fact it is inactive.

The 6,110 affected 7-Series will be repaired in due course and free of charge. Repairing the flaw should take about four hours at a local BMW dealership and all customers should be alerted via e-mail by May this year. In addition to the recall, BMW will temporarily halt the sales of all 2016 BMW 7-Series models including the 740i, 750i and 750i Xdrive.


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