Tesla’s Model S is to get a revised exterior design and two new interior trims for customers to choose from. Production schemes have already been altered and changes have been implemented at Tesla’s Fremont factory yesterday.

The all-electrical sedan will now feature the same front-end as that of the Model X SUV that was released last year. This also means incorporating the Model X headlights, which know several advantages over the current Model S headlights. The Model S too will get one of the groundbreaking features that the Model X is so actively marketed with, the “Bioweapon defense mode”. This HEPA air-filtering system is said to be a hundred times more effective than that of other car manufacturers.

At a minimum, it is to cancel out 99,97 percent of all dust and emission particles that leave the exhaust of regular combustion engine cars. It similarly deals with all bacteria and other potentially harmful substances in the car’s cabin.

Another important upgrade is the Model S’ charging port, that will now be able to handle 48 Amps up from the current 40 Amps, which means that customers will be able to charge their Tesla Model S even faster at charging stations that are capable of charging at such rates.

Finally the two new interior trims that Tesla introduces on the Model S are called “Figured Ash Wood” and “Dark Ash Wood”. Other than usual, it’s not just an “over-the-air” software update this time. Speaking of which, Tesla promises that those free updates will keep on coming on all Tesla models, continuously improving the car’s capabilities during its lifetime.


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