Undertaking a restoration of any car is a daunting, long and expensive task. When that car is an original 1966 Le Mans-Winning Ford GT40? Well, you better have a thick wallet and a lot of patience.

RK Motors Charlotte has undertaken just such a task. They have been restoring an original 1966 Le Mans-Winning Ford GT40 at their shop and documenting the entire process is a series of video logs. In part 4, RK Motors tackles the difficult problem of not being able to find original or replacement parts for the car.

As you can imagine, finding original or new old stock parts for an original Ford GT is almost impossible. If parts are unable to be located, RK has resorted to creating many of the parts themselves.

“This is what it takes to make this iconic racecar new again,” said RK Motors Director of Marketing Paul Tecci.” “If the expert restorers at Rare Drive can’t find a bolt, they’ll figure out the metallurgy of the original and reproduce it themselves.”

This restoration process is truly a specactular thing to watch and we are grateful that RK is documenting the process for the world to see!

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