As you surely know from our past entries by now, Lamborghini México frequently organizes supercar meetings where cars from several makes and models gather together for a drive, being the Giro Lamborghini the most notable of those. An event created for those who drive, not those who pose, offers the opportunity to enjoy the cars in highway driving as in track conditions. Having private track time means restricted access, based both on the make of the car and the total number of cars allowed to drive at Ecocentro Querétaro, thus making the Giro Lamborghini a very exclusive event people reserve their place in anticipation several weeks in advance. Porsche, Aston Martin, Ferrari, and some other select supercar makes were allowed to attend although priority reservations were given to Lamborghini owners.

Attendants from all over the country gather as early as 6am to get to the meeting point at the Los Cochinitos restaurant where a light breakfast is had before putting the pedal to the metal. Around 35 cars were gathered that morning -plus at least a dozen private security vehicles- and general instructions on the driving and behavior (like respecting speed limits) were given. Cars then parted to Querétaro City where the Lamborghini Mexico staff had already prepared everything for an amazing day at the track.

Los Cochinitos

While on the way to the track, the evident contrast between a fleet of supercars and the common daily drivers started to get everyone excited. Not only did you know you were about to experience something very special, but the continuous looks and thumbs up of the people around reminded everyone just how special those cars were. If only they knew those cars were about to race each other with complete disregard of the beautifully finished paint jobs…
It is important to mention that organizers are fully aware of their customers’ different driving abilities, which led to the creation of two separate groups at the track, assuring safety for both the experienced drivers and those who were new to the track scene.

The most surprising coincidence of the day was to find both the Murciélago SV and the Aventador SV in white/black present side by side; considering only two Muerciélago SV vehicles were ever sold in the country, and only one of those was ordered in white, it was truly a fortunate sight. Some other rare cars showed up and tried to live up to their names such as a 458 Speciale or the Nissan GTR which isn’t sold in México. (already regretting missing the chance to attend?)

Not only did the track time and some exquisit food were enjoyed in Querétaro City, but it was also an opportunity to book a place at the Lamborghini Driving Academy in one of its variants. By the end of the day, special quotas for the new Huracán Spyder and the LP580-2 were assigned for early arrivals to those who wanted a new Lambo, because… well, who doesn’t?

Ferrari who?

The 7th Giro Lamborghini México finalized and left us with very good experiences and this amazing gallery. Already longing for the next supercar gathering, attendants returned each to its city promising they’ll be back for more; fortunately there were no incidents at the track and no one got in trouble with the highway patrol on the way back home. If you were to attend their next gathering, what car would you show up in? Leave us a comment and don’t forget to share!

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