The Morgan EV3 is on display at the Geneva Motor Show 2016. It is an (almost) production ready version of the traditional Morgan Three Wheeler. It should be priced similar to the petrol version when it goes on sale towards the end of 2016. We took a closer look at the Morgan EV3 at Morgans stand.

The Morgan EV3 is built into the platform of the Morgan Three Wheeler. It offers zero emissions motoring from an entirely different perspective. A mixture of old-world styling with modern technology! We have already seen the EV3 midway through last year when it was slightly less polished and not quite production ready.

The project has moved on since. The Morgan EV3 weighs in at less than 500 kg with a range of approximately 150 miles. The mixture of reduced weight and instant power allows the EV3 to reach 62 mph in just 9 seconds with a top speed in excess of 90 mph.

The Morgan EV3 is the first Morgan to utilise composite carbon panels in its body construction. The carbon bonnet, tonneau cover and side pods are all made in the UK, and combine with aluminium panels and Morgan’s traditional hand worked ash wood frame.

Geneva Motor Show 2016

For more details on the Morgan EV3, take a look at our earlier article. For more from the Geneva Motor Show 2016, don’t forget to keep refreshing our dedicated news channel.

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