Behind closed doors in an exclusive media area at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show Mercedes-Benz stand, we find the highly exclusive Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard. If you have the money and could use the extra protection, look no further.

Mercedes-Benz’ most luxurious vehicle has been heavily modified to withstand even the most brutal of attacks. This is however not directly visible when taking a first look at the car. Hint: the smaller wheels may give it away, as space is needed for thicker tires to endure nail beds or anything similar.

The S600 Guard is the first car to achieve full VR10-certification. This means the Guard’s body and windows can withstand hardened steel core bullets fired from an assault rifle. In order to achieve this level of protection, Mercedes employed the use of special PE components and poly-carbonates in the windows to ensure no bullet can breach the car.

Armor underneath the passenger compartments of the car ensure that even if an explosive were to occur directly underneath the vehicle the occupants inside would remain protected. New armoring also protects occupants from side-impact explosions as well.

The German bespoke vehicle is a true heavyweight in terms of both actual weight and pricing. Weighing in at 3 tonnes the armored Maybach has a starting price of €470,000 in Germany.

Geneva Motor Show 2016

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