Next week GTspirit will be live at the Geneva Motor Show 2016 to report on all the latest in the automotive industry. Hofele-Design have given us an exclusive preview of a rather sensational tuning project that they will be unveiling officially in Switzerland based on the king of cool and SUVs, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

The G-Class is an icon and each iteration is instantly recognisable, something that Hofele-Design clearly kept in mind when creating this project. The finished product features moderate enhancements on the factory finished G-Class. Dubbed the G-Cross, the changes Hofele-Design have implemented give the car an added touch of aggression and a very purposeful look.

Starting at the business end, the large one-piece grill immediately draws attention to the choice of the Hofele “H” or traditional Mercedes-Benz Star. The grill leads the eye onto the shaper angles of the lower chiselled intakes that allow for greater air to flow into the intercoolers on AMG models. The dark LED light bars that act as daytime running light.

Moving across the beefier wheel arches, the contrasting silver air intakes once again capture attention with their raised profile and intricate G-Cross inscriptions. The infamous G-Class side-pipes end in polished stainless steel, double-oval tailpipes that do the G Wagon’s ferocious engine tone justice. Hofele-Design are well aware that many yearn to drive cars that sounds as good as the tremendous G 63 AMG so offer a brand new Active Sound System for the G 350 Diesel. This system creates the great sound very similar to that of a big block V8 and is controllable using a remote control making the car quieter upon request.

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Still want your G-Class to stand out a little more? The G-Cross allows offers optional suspension kit that raises the car 77mm adding to its presence. To make an even bolder statement, Hofele-Design can fit integrated LED Lights inspired by those on the roof of the beast that is the G 63 6×6. To finish the modern styling changes, Hofele-Design fitted the G-Cross with 22-inch Reverso-wheels.

The changes are not just cosmetic either. For the G 350 Diesel Hofele-Design offers  an additional control unit box known as a Plug-and-Play kit that combines improved efficiencies with rich performance increases. From the base power figure of 245 horsepower to 290 horsepower and torque increases from 600 Nm to 700.

The Hofele-Design kit is available on all G-Class variants. It is rare to come across a tuner that is able to take an already impress car such as the G-Class and make relatively small changes that culminate in a tasteful and very desirable package that will turn heads like the stock car could not. To learn more be sure to head over to and be sure to check out our coverage of the car from the Geneva Motor Show 2016!

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