Are you enjoying your Valentine’s Day? We hope so, and to complement your day we present you with this epic fire painted MSO McLaren P1 from Bahrain.

The owner approached us a few days ago with photos of what he later explained as a 1 of 1 color created by McLaren Special Ops for his family, upon request of course. The name of the color is Junaid Flame, bright red in nature making it the only bright red McLaren P1 as well. In fact, the color has since been registered with MSO as “Junaid Flame”.

Alihaji Photography later did a photoshoot of the car, fire painting it to reflect the name of the color which as you can see came out perfectly!

This is chassis number 200 McLaren P1 of the 375 production units. As with all the rest, it’s powered by a 3.8 liter V8 twin-turbocharged engine producing 727 bhp combined with a 176 bhp-rated electric motor good for 903 bhp altogether.

MSO McLaren P1 (9)

You can see more photos of this P1 by visiting @AliHajiPhotography on instagram.

VIAAlihaji Photography
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