DeLorean has announced plans to produce a limited run of new DMC-12’s starting as early as 2017.

The new production run of DMC-12’s will be set at 300 units and will run from 2017 to 2021. The revived DeLorean Motor Company was reformed in 1995 and has been supplying restoration and NOS (new old stock) parts to current DMC-12 owners ever since.

The reason DeLorean is able to create new DMC-12’s without having to abide by current EPA and emmissions standards is thanks to a 2015 revision to Federal Highway Bill (H.R. 22). This addition, called the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act, allows small-volume manufacturers such as DeLorean to produce limited number of replica motor vehicles that were produced 25 years ago or more without abiding by current highwway safety regulations.

The price for a new DMC-12? Less than $100,000. Specific pricing has not been released yet.

Expect the new DMC-12 to be possibly powered by a Chevy LS3 or some form of V6.

We will update as we hear more!

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