Lets face it, Italian supercars have developed a reputation over the years. The combination of cooling problems, occasional build quality issues and high performance engines often lends itself to a fiery disaster. This giant Lamborghini Gallardo sculpture which caught fire outside the Anji Arena in Russia is irony in action.

We’re told that the giant Lamborghini Gallardo sculpture caught fire yesterday, engulfing the entire thing. The fire fighters were very quick to arrive and it seems the fire was put out, saving the sculpture from complete destruction. We’re informed that there were no reported injuries.

Police are now investigating the incident although several news reports are suggesting that the fire is being put down to arson. Plans are already afoot to reinstate the Lamborghini Gallardo sculpture as it has become a major tourist attraction for the area.

We first reported on the giant Lamborghini Gallardo sculpture in January 2015. It was installed to commemorate FC Anji’s promotion to the Russian equivalent of the Premier League. The clubs owner, Suleyman Kerimov is an avid collector of exotic cars owning all sorts of high-end exotics including two Pagani Huayra’s.

The giant Lamborghini sculpture measures 25 meters in length, 7 metres in height and 11 meters in width. The video shows smoke pouring from under the panels.

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