Mercedes will be launching a new variant of the GT this summer according to AMG CEO Tobias Moers.

Moers suggested during our interview at the Detroit Auto Show that a new variant of the GT will definitely be arriving sometime this summer. The announcement of a new variant of the GT is not entirely new, as Moers confirmed the same thing to Evo Magazine in October 2014. What is new, however, is the time frame in which we can expect to see the new variant.

Current AMG GT models include the base model GT, the GT S, Edition 1 and the AMG GT3. Looking back at AMG’s model history it wouldn’t completely out of line to guess that we may be seeing a Black Series variant at some point. Whether or not the Black Series will be the model released this summer, we don’t know.

You can view our full interview with Tobias Moers above.

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