As far as car accidents go, the worst possible kind to have is in your million pound hypercar. Unfortunately for this unlucky McLaren P1 owner, he met exactly that fate.

McLaren P1 production finished just over a month ago and unfortunately we already have to report that one has met its demise on the back of a tow truck. The picture, according to Jalopnik, was posted on the Instagram account of Al Nahyan who reports that a friend stole his car and then crashed it. That may be grounds to terminate that friendship!

According to Jalopnik, the car will likely be back on the streets in full driving condition in about a month or so. We can only imagine the magic the McLaren techs are having to perform in order to get this car back on track.

In total, McLaren have built 13 “eXperimental” prototype models, 5 validation prototypes, 3 pre-production cars and 375 production cars. Each P1 has taken up 800 hours of production time with 105 employees involved in each build.

Just as a refresher, powering the P1 is a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine. When mated to a potent electric motor, the car pumps out a combined 903 hp.

Hopefully we will get to see this beautiful orange P1 back on the streets sooner rather than later!

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