New reports suggest again that Top Gear is having major issues to create a new series of its popular motoring show after Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond left. New head of the show Chris Evans seems unable to fit in a Clarkson like role and struggles to deliver what producers and audience would expect of him. One of his co-hosts, Nurburgring legend and German girl, Sabine Schmitz is not winning any popularity contests ahead of the new season either.

We believe Top Gear made the mistake of holding on to the formerly successful three presenter format after Clarkson left. The main reason Top Gear was so successful over the years is because of the chemistry between the Top Gear trio that got stronger and stronger over the years. Trying to deliver something as entertaining with three new people on the same level as where the old team left seems like Mission Impossible. We believe Top Gear should ditch the three presenter format and try something new that will keep the name and show alive.

With Chris Evans and Sabine Schmitz not off to an ideal start it leaves one co-presenter: Chris Harris. A true car guy with some of the best driving skills around. He has proven he has what it takes to go from zero to status of an internet hero in just a few years with a small team and limited resources (for those unaware of Chris Harris have a look at his YouTube channel). His videos are refreshing, informative and entertaining at the same time. Imagine what someone like him can do with BBC resources (read: money) and a huge professional team. Let him pick one or two changing people to join him on various journeys or events and we believe Top Gear has the right ingredients for a successful show without the current stress and infinite comparison to the ‘old’ Top Gear. Now we just hope it is not too late to save Top Gear!


  1. Top Gear should have looked to Chris Harris at first and told him to assemble the team. Who the hell had even heard of Chris Evans before Top Gear? What should have happened, was the point man for the show would be someone well known in the automotive community. Chris Harris is one of those, a few former F1 drivers would have been a good pick as well, even Mrs. Wolff would have been a smart pick for the team. The only reason people will watch the show, is for Chris Harris. That will only go on for so long though. Top Gear needs to re-evaluate everything at the end of their contracts. The show needs automotive celebrities, not radio show wankers.


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