A byproduct of the recent Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 is that we get to see parts of the Japanese tuning culture which don’t normally reach our shores. One such example is Aimgain who appear to have a reputation amid the VIP tuning category. These lowriders aren’t normally suited to Lamborghini’s, yet they seem to have taken on a Lamborghini Aventador, giving it the VIP treatment.

Very little information is available aside from these few images, however, the photos reveal a car similar in style to the Liberty Walk kit. It is completely over the top! Starting form the front, Aimgain GT appear to have fitted a new front bumper with wider openings and new air vents at the side, it looks more like the Aventador SV than the standard front bumper.

The sides have gained new side skirt flics which is relatively tame compared to the massive rear spoiler and total reworking of the rear end! Whilst this Aventador retains its auto lifting rear spoiler, it gains a huge carbon fibre wing, similar in style to GT racing cars, except much larger. The rear diffuser is larger too, together with a new exhaust setup.

Overall, it isn’t to our taste but it has an impressive presence. It sits next to a Nissan GT-R, Lexus RC 300h, Toyota GT 86 and a new Mazda MX5. If you want to see it in person, make sure you head over to the Tokyo Auto Salon 2016.

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