Volkswagen shows off a Safari-ready Tiguan GTE concept at this year’s Detroit Motor Show 2016 and we were there to capture all the action!

The GTE concept is an extreme off-road version of the second-generation Tiguan and features a plug-in hybrid drivetrain and gesture control-enabled infotainment system. According to Volkswagen, the GTE concept features a 148 horsepower traditional gasoline engine as well as two electric motors.

When used in full electric mode, the GTE can traverse a distance of up to 20 miles emissions-free. Additional off-road capabilities are provided via the addition of VW’s new 4MOTION Active Control drive programs.

Additional off-road inspired elements include tweaked front headlights for better visibility and a large, aluminum skid plate to protect against rocks and debris. Lights have also been added to the roof for even more visibility when traversing dirt trails at night.

The GTE also comes equipped with VW’s latest infotainment technology – a 9.2-inch system that supports gesture controls.

For more pictures from the Detroit Motor Show 2016, see our news channel.

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