With the morning haze lifted, over 50 of the finest super sedans, sports cars and supercars in Melbourne, Australia gathered together for one of the year’s most memorable drive days in the country. Hosted by the Otium Club and kick starting off at the brand new showroom for Lorbek Luxury Cars in Port Melbourne, the drive proved exceptional not just for the cars it attracted but also for how seamlessly it was organised.

Despite being launched just ten months ago, Otium Club has become the city’s finest luxury lifestyle club with a key focus on high-performance cars. In recent months, it’s held a plethora of sensational drive days, none more impressive than its inaugural Lake Mountain Hill Climb which saw the silky smooth roads of the Victorian ski-resort closed off for the day. To finish off 2015 in style, Otium organised something very special and we were lucky enough to be invited along.

Starting in Melbourne, the precisely planned route would see participants drive along the edge of Port Phillip Bay, tracing their way through to Geelong and to the coastal town of Queenscliff. From there, cars would be loaded onto a ferry travelling across to the exclusive sea-side town of Sorrento, known for its expensive real estate and exclusive supercars. Our beast for the day was arguably the city’s loudest car, a supercharged Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG with an iPE exhaust system and pushing out 600 hp to the rear wheels.

Following a quick debrief, the 50+ cars rocketed onto the neighbouring freeway in a flurry of power, noise and tyres smoke. From that moment, it was clear the day would live up to, if not exceed, some of the finer motoring experiences we’ve had.

While most of the drive down and across to Geelong was along a single stretch of freeway, the sheer size of the performance car convoy ensured things remained interesting. As we cruised in the demonic C63, we were in the presence of some of the world’s most sought after cars, including the rare Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta, a McLaren 650S Spider and a glorious Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 seemingly straight out of Gotham City.

With Melbourne soon behind us as well as a worrying amount of burnt rubber, the convoy meandered through the streets of Queentown before lunch and some final organisation prior to one of the highlights of the day; the ferry crossing. As proof of how well organised Otium Club is, the journey had already been pre-arranged with the ferry company and individual passes handed out to all vehicles.

Melbourne (22)

Loading over 50 immensely powerful cars onto a single ferry was unquestionably an automotive enthusiasts wet dream. Passing the stunned faces of onlookers and those operating the ferry, it was clear that nothing quite this mind-blowing had happened in Queenscliff before. Given that there was well over $10 million worth of cars on the ferry, it was fortunate that the sea was perfectly calm throughout the 40 minute crossing.

Given the uneventful freeways of the start of the drive, it was thrilling to see the promise of some tight and twisty roads on the horizon. For good measure, Otium Club made sure to leave its mark on the journey with an intense rev war on the ferry just prior to the departure. With addictive, 98 octane exhaust fumes fresh in the air, the ultimate automotive squad arrived at Sorrento.

Before long, cars headed inland towards Arthurs Seat and past the Peninsula Hot Springs, one of the areas key tourist attractions. While secluded away from the road, we’re sure those at the hot springs could hear thousands of raging horsepower screaming by whether from Ferraris, Porsches, Lamborghinis or in our case, a C63 loud enough to wake the dead.

After a quick blast through the popular roads of Arthurs Seat, everyone headed back to Melbourne along the coastal road of the Mornington Peninsula. A final rendezvous at Olivers Hill in Frankston provided the perfect photo opportunity and was a fitting way to end what was an unforgettable day.

As for the C63 AMG we rode in, well it is absolutely crazy. Capable of mid-10 second quarter mile times, it is amongst the fastest in Australia. Thanks to its insane levels of torque and tuned dual-clutch transmission, it eats up the tarmac without hesitation and within mere seconds, can hit speeds high enough to make owners of much more expensive supercars,very, very envious. Of course, being rear-wheel drive, the rear-end can be coxed into slides effortlessly all while the custom exhaust system produces a concerto akin to the love child of an F-22 Raptor and a V8 Supercar.

Otium Club stands head and shoulders above similar supercar and lifestyle clubs not just because of the wide array of cars in its midst but because of its organisation and the community of car-loving enthusiasts it has built.

We can’t wait for the next one!

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