Before we dive into this stunning $42 Million Beverly Hills pad, let us start by stating this is home is real and your eyes are not deceiving you! It may look like something from the world of GTA V and Los Santos or the Sims, but for the sizable investment this may well just be the most incredible house, if you can categorize it as a home, currently sale anywhere in the world.

The beautifully designed mansion has 6 bedrooms and, wait for it, 10 bathrooms!


High up among the treetops, on a self-contained Beverly Hills enclosure, the views of the entirety of Downtown Los Angeles, Catalina, and the coastline of California is offered in one unobstructed, sweeping view. Such views can be experienced from behind the glass walls, any one of the balconies, the incredible infinity pool or even the hot tub. This really is a palace fit for a king!

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