Artist Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa has created a rendering showing what a Koenigsegg could look like in 20 years or so. The Koenigsegg Utagera is actually a pretty accurate representation. Koenigsegg have tended to take an evolutionary approach with new models and this Utagera does just that.

Rather than sharp angles, Christian Von Koenigsegg has always favoured smooth rounded edges. This Koenigegg Utagera Concept gets a tapered front nose, much like the new Regera. The side profile has a hint of the Zenvo ST1 with two style lines which run down towards the front wheel.

At the back the Utagera features a minimalist rear end with no visible exhaust and minimal air venting. The lights are thin and join a single design line which runs from front to rear. The rear window is small, a tradition among Swedish hypercars!

As you can tell, we are quite impressed by the Koenigsegg Utagera Concept. The designer is located in Thailand and presented a model of his design at the Motor Expo 2015 in Bangkok.

VIAJennarong Muengtaweepongsa
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