The Los Angeles Auto Show doesn’t only serve as one of the most important auto shows for automakers around the world but it also acts as the perfect outlet for tuning firms to display their latest and craziest creations. This year’s show has proved no different.

Included in the gallery below are some of the tuning highlights from the show. The include the likes of a Lorinser Mercedes-Benz S-Class installed with a host of aftermarket components including an eye-catching new front bumper. Elsewhere at the show is an absolutely sensational Liberty Walk Lamborghini Huracan with an ultra-wide bodykit and a set of mismatching wheels.

Quite possibly the craziest tuned sports car at LA this year is a bright silver Nissan GT-R which is certainly the definition of overkill. It has a unique exterior chrome finish and has been fitted with a custom bodykit including flared arches, new front and rear bumpers, extended side skirts and a set of chrome wheels which perfectly match the body.

For more from the Los Angeles Auto Show 2015, see our dedicated news channel.

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