Unfortunately we have to report an accident involving a Koenigsegg Agera R in China. Details surrounding the accident are incredibly sketchy at the moment, however, we understand that it happened an hour ago in the city of Chongqing.

Update: Emerging details confirm that this is indeed chassis #082 Koenigsegg Agera R.

From the aerial photos it looks as though the driver simply lost control of the Swedish hypercar whilst travelling at a high rate of speed. The photo reveals approximately 50 metres of fluid along the right side of the highway with the car eventually coming to a stop near the central reservation.

It is unclear as to whether the accident involved any other vehicles, although the photo tends to suggest not. This particular Koenigsegg Agera appears to have been one of the first imported into China. It appears to be the car Koenigsegg used for its early promotional photos and we understand it has been used extensively by the importer FFF Automobile.

Hopefully neither occupants or other road users were injured in the accident. With over 1,000hp, the Koenigsegg Agera R can be a very tricky car to drive. Fortunately the carbon tub looks to have done its job, the entire front looks to have sustained heavy damage while the rear also looks to have suffered. Given the value of the car, we suspect it will be shipped back to Sweden for repairs.

If you have any further information, please get in touch!

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