Automakers continually look for ways to improve and advance their models with focus on advanced new and efficient powertrains understandably at the forefront. In recent years, the world’s leading car makers have also focused heavily on new headlight technology with some firms using advanced LEDs or even lasers to help light up the night.

Amongst the marque’s looking towards the future of headlamps is Jaguar with its new XJ installed with a set of advanced LED bulbs to make it perfect for night-time driving. In order to give us a sense of just how far headlight technology has come throughout the decades, Jaguar recruited the help of Andy Wallace.

Having previously won the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Wallace knows just how important it is to have effective headlights to drive after the sun sets over the horizon. To test out the XF’s new lights, he headed out onto the Silverstone circuit both onboard his race-winning XJR-9 and the new XJ. As you’d imagine, the LED lights of the XJ are world’s apart from the halogen bulbs of the famed endurance racer.

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