Despite not winning a Formula One World Championship since 2013, it has been revealed that in the 2014 F1 season, Red Bull Racing spent a record $310 million.

Throughout last season, the F1 squad had a budget of $450 million including the additional funds it received from prize money and sponsorships. To put that into perspective, 2014 World Championship winning team Mercedes had a budget of $320 million while Ferrari wasn’t far behind RBR at $440 million.

Of the $310 million spent by Red Bull in 2014, about $120 million of that was used for research and development with an additional $100 million being accounted for through the salaries of 693 employees. Despite the incredibly high budget, team leader Daniel Ricciardo is believed to have earned only $1.6 million last year and Daniil Kvyat less than $1 million. By comparison, team principal Christian Horner is said to have received $ million.

Approximately $100 million of Red Bull Racing’s 2014 budget came thanks to a cut of the sport’s massive revenues.

Despite having more money than any other team, Red Bull was unable to fight for a fifth consecutive championship in 2014 instead losing to Mercedes and only raking up three victories.

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