At one stage, having a production-based car producing over 1000 hp was unheard of. Now with the dramatic rise of tuning companies and interest in twin-turbo kits, 1000 hp is barely anything in the crazy world of rolling drag racing, particularly ½ mile races.

Certainly one of the craziest streets cars in the United States is this; a C6 Chevrolet Corvette dubbed the ‘Unicorn’ and with 2400 hp on tap. It utilises a completely bespoke engine with two massive 88 mm turbochargers sticking out of the bonnet and exhausts exiting straight out of the engine. It also has a 400 shot of nitrous and is therefore able to pump out some incredibly fast sprint times and high trap speeds.

Unsurprisingly for a car with 2400 hp however and rear-wheel drive, it’s hardly surprising it has traction issues even with drag racing tyres.

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