Karma Automotive, the plug-in hybrid automaker formerly known as Fisker Automotive, has announced a collaboration with BMW which will see the small automaker borrowing some of BMW’s electric drive and charging technologies.

Official details about the deal have yet to be made public but it is believed that BMW will supply both its battery charging system and electric-drive technology to the relaunched plug-in hybrid sedan. With this deal, Karma will be able to dramatically reduce development costs while also slashing development time for the car.

Discussing this with Automotive News, Karma’s chief marketing officer Jim Taylor said “Carmakers buy parts from other carmakers, especially in expensive areas like powertrain technology. As we launch the vehicle under the new name Karma, using BMW components will be a big help to the brand.”

Originally, the Fisker Karma combined a petrol four-cylinder engine from General Motors with an electric motor. However, that engine is no longer being produced so the automaker is still deciding on what internal combustion engine to use with the car.

Alongside relaunching its sedan, Karma Automotive is developing a number of other models including an all-electric vehicle.

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