There’s no doubting the fact that texting and driving is a real danger and an ever increasing problem with our lives focused more than ever on our smartphones and tablets. In order to highlight just how dangerous texting while driving can be, Porsche enlisted the help of factory Le Mans driver Mark Webber.

Titled ‘Mark Webber gets off track in a 911 GT3 Cup’, the video highlights how even an accomplished race and championship-winning race car driver can be distracted by a mobile phone. Throughout the clip, the Aussie’s phone buzzes and chimes on multiple occasions, upsetting his concentration and making him go off-track and spin out of control.

While it’s obvious that the off-track moments were all planned and intentional, the video does promote a very important message to always remain focused on driving when behind the wheel.

Is a text message really worth risking your life to answer?

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