It seems likely that the long-rumoured Porsche 911 hybrid will likely arrive in 4 to 5 years.

While recently speaking with Car Advice, Porsche’s director of boxer engines Thomas Wasserbach revealed that the German marque is indeed working on a hybrid 911. However, as the 991-generation model wasn’t designed to accommodate a battery pack when the latest 911 was conceived, it is a few years off.

“[We are] checking viability for the future to get hybridisation of 911. It’s something we would look to do because in some cities you need it, so we have to look,” Wasserbach said.

“Hybrid is a technology that we have much experience in, [such as in] Le Mans and Panamera and Cayenne hybrid, so we know what to do but for sports car we have to look for new technologies of batteries… the weight is the problem, in Le Mans with the 919, it has lightweight battery system but it’s too expensive, so we have to work around it and get these requirements to the 911.”

it seems inevitable that when the Porsche 911 hybrid launches, it will retain the car’s trademark flat six engine albeit supplemented with an electric motor and a battery pack.

In all likelihood, the 911 hybrid won’t arrive until a few years into the next-generation 911’s life cycle.

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