It has just emerged that triple Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton crashed his Pagani Zonda 760LH in Monaco early Monday morning.

The crash reportedly occurred at around 3:30 am and as a result, details surrounding the crash are limited. It is claimed however, that at least one local heard the brakes of his bespoke Zonda locking up at around this time. Additionally, a very blurry image of the Zonda has surfaced online showing it near a rock wall and flanked by a Mercedes-Benz SUV, possibly the car it made contact with.

As you’d imagine, Hamilton himself hasn’t said that he crashed his prized Zonda 760LH. With that being said, he did post a picture on his Instagram account confirming that early Monday morning he was involved in a road accident in Monaco. He said that the car is damaged and that he “made very light contact with a stationary vehicle”.

No images depicting the damage sustained to his Zonda are available but it seems inevitable that it will be transported back to the Pagani factory in Italy for repairs. Given the Briton’s annual salary of over $30 million before endorsements, he will easily be able to afford all the necessary repairs.

Of the 13 Pagani Zondas produced in the 760-series, Hamilton’s was the second and the first installed with a six-speed manual transmission. It is noteworthy for its bright purple paint scheme and selection of exposed carbon fibre elements. It has only been spotted on a handful of occasions since being delivered in 2013.

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