In a world where unnamed high-end automakers are designing their models to all look alike, it is easy to get models mixed up no matter how mechanically different they may be. Fortunately, BMW is said to be disregarding this route taken by its rivals and instead wants its future models to be more distinct from each other.

According to Auto Evolution, the design director the German company Karim Habib, said that BMW is working on designing its cars to look different from one another. More specifically, it is reported that this approach will become most obvious with the next-generation 3-Series and 5-Series models.

For starters, the new 3-Series is tipped to utilise a more angular design with sharp creases and lines to provide a hint at its sporty persona. By comparison, the next 5-Series will be more curvaceous and elegant fitting of the additional luxury it provides and the price tag it is offered at.

Additionally, it is said that the new 5-Series will become the German firm’s first mainstream model to use OLED lighting for its headlights, taillights and interior lights. The technology will be borrowed from the recently-revealed M4 GTS and allow BMW designers to create more intricate shapes in the lights of the new 5-Series. By comparison, the new 3-Series will do without OLEDs and therefore feature more conventional lights.

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