Yesterday, Lamborghini‘s headquarters were searched by Italian investigators to determine if any of the company’s executives were involved in the Volkswagen Group’s emissions cheating.

While speaking with Reuters, the chief prosecutor in Italy’s town of Verona, Mario Giulio Schinaia revealed that police had also searched Volkswagen’s local head officers. Discussing the raids, Schinaia said “If we want to be able to prove that (cars) have been sold by people who knew they were committing a crime, we need proof that people were aware. It is one thing if I sell water and pretend it’s wine but if I sell water believing it is wine it’s different.”

Volkswagen has declined to comment on the searches but in a statement, Lamborghini said “we are cooperating closely with the authorities”.

Emergence of this news comes just after it was revealed that Volkswagen is planning on recalling 8.5 million vehicles across the European Union installed with its emissions cheating device.

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