After Matthias Muller vacated his position as chief of Porsche to head up the Volkswagen Group, Oliver Blume has just been announced as the new chairman of the executive board of Porsche and will now lead the German sports car maker.

Since the beginning of 2013, Blume has acted as Porsche’s executive board responsible for both production and logistics.

Discussing the appointment, chairman of the group works council of Porsche, Uwe Kuck said “He has the right drive technology in him, and he is a Porsche person through and through. He has a big heart and he is one of us. And I think that appointing a Production person to the top position is a strong statement.” 

Adding to this, chairman of the supervisory board Wolfgang Porsche said “We have found the best possible successor for Matthias Müller considering his exceptionally high professional competence and pronounced teamwork skills.”

Blume of course becomes just the latest executive within the Volkswagen Group to change roles as part of the ongoing dieselgate scandal rocking the German automotive conglomerate. Volkswagen is set to imminently announce the recall of 11 million of its diesel vehicles worldwide after the EPA in the United States discovered they’d been installed with emissions cheating software.

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