Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB) tuned Porsche 911s are amongst the most outlandish and ridiculous cars anywhere in the world. The tuning firm’s widebody kits for the 911 are world-famous and can be found on all corners of the globe.

While RWB only offers its widebody package for old Porsche 911 models, rendering artist Khyzyl Saleem has rendered how a potential Porsche 918 Spyder outfitted with a bodykit from the company could look.

As you’d expect, it features massively flared rear wheel arches supporting exceptionally wide wheels and tyres. It also includes extended side skirts as well as a completely redesigned front fascia. The new front-end includes aggressive canards, matte black headlights as well as a new lip spoiler extending down towards the ground.

While RWB offers truly insane rear wings for the 911, Saleem hasn’t rendered the following 918 with such a wing. Even without that feature, it looks out-of-this-world.

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