At the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2015, the Jaguar F-Pace was not only revealed to the world but also set a world record in the process.

During the vehicle’s dramatic debut, it set a new world record by completing the largest loop-the-loop as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. Piloting the British SUV was stunt driver Terry Grant who managed to easily drive through the 360-degree loop measuring 19.08 metres in height while sustaining 6.5 g forces.

Discussing the achievement, Grant said “Driving the world’s largest loop tonight was a very proud moment in my career. I am delighted to bring the Guinness World Record back to the UK and help Jaguar run rings around their competitors ahead of the motor show tomorrow.”

The F-Pace itself receives the company’s lightweight aluminium architecture, which is different to every other Jaguar, despite getting the modular structure. The F-Pace measures 4,731mm in length with a 2,874mm wheelbase and short overhangs. Luggage space is 650-litres. The cheapest model weighs in at just 1,665 kg.

Other key elements of the Jaguar F-Pace include torque vectoring, adaptive dynamics and configurable dynamics features. It also features the company’s All Surface Progress Control system.

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