The billionaire founder of Vivos, Robert Vicino has announced and previewed his range of underground bunkers dubbed Vivos Europe One.

The survival complexes are being offered to a number of wealthy families who will receive a 2500 square foot piece of real estate underground. If the family chooses, it can construct a two story bunker totalling 500 square feet. Each family will be able to hire its own designer and builder to outfit the expensive bunkers.

The shelter itself is in Germany and was originally constructed during the Cold War by the Soviets. After the war, the facility was inherited by the German government who then decided to auction off the 76-acre complex. It was then purchased in its entirety by a single investor.

The complex is perfect for safety-conscious families and individuals as it has been designed to withstand a direct airplane crash, shock waves, earthquakes, a tsunami, a close range nuclear blast, electro-magnetic pulses and biological and chemical agents. The complex can be entered into through three fortified entrances and inside, there are over 5 km worth of tunnels.

Beyond the private residences each owner will live in, there will be a number of common areas included restaurants, a wine cellar, bakery, brewery, prayer rooms and chapels, classrooms, computer areas, communications and security centre and many other facilities. Some others include a hair salon, pet kennels, decontamination showers and all of these facilities will be outfitted by Vivos itself.

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