Late last month, Google executive Benjamin Sloss took his wife, Christine, to Fiorano and gifted her with a bright yellow Ferrari FXX K. Now an awesome onboard video of Christine’s marathon drive of the FXX K at Fiorano has been posted online.

Running for exactly an hour, the awesome video is well worth a watch (perhaps not in its entirety however). The best lap time Christine posted around Fiorano was a 1:20.6 which is someway off the 1:14 time set by Ferrari itself onboard the FXX K. Nevertheless, the video shows that Sloss’s wife certainly knows how to drive with barely an apex missed throughout. Down the straight, she reaches speeds in excess of 250 km/h for lap after lap after lap!

Based on the LaFerrari, it is said that the FXX K can reach 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds with a top-speed of 350 km/h. It costs around $3 million and less than 40 examples of the hypercar will be produced by the Italian company. Under the hood, the FXX K features the LaFerrari’s 6.3-litre V12 engine and an electric motor. When the two work in unison, the FXX K produces 1023 hp and over 900 Nm of torque.

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