A stunning duplex penthouse in New York City’s Cast Iron District is currently up for sale for $10 million. As with most other penthouses we’ve come across in New York, it is exceptionally well appointed and considering its price, relatively small.

As a matter of fact, it features just two bedrooms and three bathrooms. Don’t let that fool you however. It sits at the top of a boutique condominium complex built in 1882 and has over 5400 square feet of interior and exterior living space. It also includes three large terraces to make the most of the exceptional views of the New York City skyline. A stunning swimming pool also provides spectacular views of the city.

One key feature of the property is the private elevator as well as the large fireplace. The property also includes a central wiring system pre-installed for music and television. The main outdoor terrace also includes water, gas and electricity lines and provides the perfect outdoor entertaining and cooking space.

VIAJames Edition
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