Here’s something you’ve never seen before to bring in your weekend; famous street football freestyler Soufiane Touzani juggling a ball while standing in the engine bay of a Bugatti Veyron! Making the sight even more incredible is the fact that it was filmed immediately outside Big Ben in the heart of London.

The video was filmed as part of the ongoing 2FastTouzani tour through Europe with Dutchbugs and Trust Urban. The tour kicked off on Monday August 17 and has already travelled through Brussels, Paris, London, Manchester and Liverpool. The tour will then restart next month and in October, visit Dortmund, Milan, Turin, Monaco, Cannes, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia before concluding in Rotterdam.

The Veyron being used during the tour has been outfitted with a stunning satin black wrap to really make it stand out unlike any other Bugatti.

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