A very special Acid Green 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder is currently up for sale in the United States for $2.949 million which is over $2 million more than the hypercar’s retail price.

This particular example is believed to be one of just two 918s finished in Acid Green and is the only one residing in the United States painted this way. In total, 297 918 Spyders are in the United States and this is certainly among the brightest and most eye-catching. It has also been installed with the Weissach package and rides on a set of gunmetal grey centre-locking wheels and includes a number of carbon fibre elements across the exterior. Green brake calipers are also present.

Inside, the 918 Spyder is just as interesting with a Mocha Brown leather interior differentiating it from most others. Alongside the dark brown interior components are a selection of carbon fibre trimmings and Acid green piping and stitching.

Amazingly, this 918 Spyder has just 8.3 miles on the clock and is therefore essentially brand new. While it remains to be seen why the original owner parted ways with it so soon, it seems apparent that they’ll make quite an impressive profit from selling it!

VIAduPont Registry
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  1. This example was ordered, but sadly the man who ordered it passed away during heart surgery before it could be delivered. Therefore the owner was never able to receive his car. He was a part of the car related social media site Car Throttle, and his username was Momo

    • I knew the man you are claiming owned this car but he lived in the UAE and had to wait 9 months for the delivery of his 918, but he died 3 months ago. May I please ask out of respect for my friend how did his car go from Germany on it’s way to Dubai end up in the United States, and how did you get this information on him?

    • Momo’s car was received by his family in the United Arab Emirates. It hasn’t left the country.

  2. First of all, my thoughts go out to MoMo – may he rest in peace.

    Second, which car has Salamondrin bought?!

    In this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsbSvC2pgCk) he claims to have bought a brand new one (7:15 into the video), which would make it MoMo’s (since it was not yet delivered and other sources have claimed that his family has received the (brand new) 918 Weissach).


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