A rare and very special Ford GTX1 is currently up for sale from Topline Motors in the Middle East. With a local price tag of 1.69 million AED ($460,095 USD), it certainly isn’t cheap but it is definitely rare.

During the Ford GT’s production run, the Genaddi Design Group offered GT customers with its X1 program which saw the car become a convertible and adopt a number of other changes. Official production figures aren’t known, but it is suggested that just a handful were ever produced hence why this one is so pricey.

Quite incredibly, it is claimed by the seller that this particular GTX1 was the first ever created and has a total of 0 km on the clock meaning it has covered just a few metres in its nine year life. Alongside inevitably being the most pristine GTX1 currently in existence, it is also one of the brightest thanks to its yellow paint job complemented with silver racing stripes and silver wheels.

Powering the Ford GTX1 is a tweaked version of the GT’s 5.4-litre supercharged V8 now pumping out 700 hp. All of that power is sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission.

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  1. Not the first GTX1. The first GTX1 is currently in the great state of WA and is also the second GT produced. It was well driven by many famous folks including Jeremy on Top Gear – unless there was some sort of Hollywood trick that provided the appearance of an awesome track run without running up the odometer… In reality though, it is well kept, and happy with around 50k on its odometer. The one pictured here is a completion by MPI in WI – great folks……


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