Ever since being unveiled in production-spec at the Geneva Motor Show 2013, the McLaren P1 has become one of the most popular and well regarded performance cars to launch in recent memory. Combining breathtaking performance with a design unlike any other car on the road, the P1 is certainly a fitting successor to the legendary McLaren F1.

Soon after the car’s launch, GF Williams headed to the Middle East to snap some pictures of a truly stunning silver P1. Thanks to the alien-like design of the British hybrid hypercar, it doesn’t look out of place in the desolate moonscape of the deserts of the Middle East.

Of course, throughout its development, the P1 spent a lot of testing hot-weather testing so while the Middle East may not offer the most appropriate climate for a high-performance hypercar, the P1’s versatility means its power can be exploited in even the toughest conditions on earth.

Powering the P1 is a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine. When mated to a potent electric motor, the car pumps out a combined 903 hp.


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