A stunning orange Lamborghini Huracan and two Rolls-Royces have been destroyed in a factory fire in Digbeth in the United Kingdom.

The blaze was sparked at the car storage facility late at night of August 20 by an arsonist. Before fire crews were able to extinguish the inferno, it had already spread throughout the entire building leaving nothing but burnt rubble in its wake.

As the shocking images reveal, the entire Huracan was destroyed with the only giveaway of its identity being the charred front bumper and passenger headlight. Some other of its identifiable components include the burnt springs and seats.

As for the Rolls-Royce models they were also massacred with very few parts not being heavily burnt or melted. Interesting, a Hummer also stored at the facility managed to escape the fire.

The owner of the company has put up a 20,000 pound reward for help in catching the arsonists.

[Via Birmingham Mail]

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