Jaguar E-Pace rendered

While Jaguar has yet to confirm if it will produce a small crossover to sit below the F-Pace, all the indications point towards the fact that it is. Consequently, it’s the perfect time to look at a rendering depicting how the car tentatively dubbed the E-Pace could look.

Obviously when the car is released, its design will be inspired by the F-Pace albeit on a smaller scale. With that in mind, the following rendering shows the car with a similarly steeply raked roof and rear window. Headlights similar to those on current Jaguar models have also been designed but they feature their own unique flair. New body lines and creases are also found across the exterior.

While details about the British firm’s second SUV are limited, it will sit below the upcoming F-Pace in the Jaguar line-up. It will also be smaller and undercut the Range Rover Evoque and could be dubbed the E-Pace. Whatever it is named, it’s almost certain that it won’t be produced at any of the marque’s UK factories.

In fact, the car is tipped to be produced in Austria following a recently announced collaboration between Jaguar Land Rover and Austrian manufacturing company Magna Steyr.


  1. Best rendering I have seen yet. brilliant idea to slope the rear like this which is unexpected, given the small size and need for headroom. will be interesting to see how this is packaged as to rear headroom, but clearly better looking than BMW -X1, Audi Q3 and the horrible little Mercedes, etc.


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