Cité mériens 8-perspective

French architect Jacques Rougerie is responsible for some truly out-of-this-world creations throughout his 43-year design career and his latest dream is arguably the most mind-blowing. Inspired by a manta ray, what you’re looking at is a floating city which would be more suited to a science fiction film than real-life 2015.

Rougerie has designed the city to be almost 3000 ft long and 1600 ft wide and it would be able to house 7000 international researchers, professors and students in what would be the most dramatic and futuristic university on earth.


Throughout the city would be a plethora of laboratories, lecture theatres, classrooms as well as leisure, sports and living areas. Powering the entire facility would be renewable marine energy while also producing absolutely zero waste. The floating university city would also be able to welcome a number of vessels conducting research throughout the world’s oceans.

Of course, we’re unlikely to see such a floating city become a reality in our lifetime but it certainly could come to life sometime!

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